Before You Book Us

  1. You call us.  You email us.  You send word via carrier pigeon.

  2. You tell us what you need:

    • Are you having a wedding or a party?
    • Are you a business client looking for a House Florist?
    • Would you like to be added to our contact list so we can thrill you with information about our seasonal happenings and designs?
  3. We respond to your inquiry and discuss the important details.

  4. We determine whether you would like to meet with us in person. We are available to come on site to your home, business or event venue for a consultation, or you can come visit our studio in DUMBO, Brooklyn. We believe you will be thoroughly charmed.

Private Home Or Business Clients

We will develop an agreement with the stipulations of our work together.  Some details will include:

  1. How often you will be desiring our services,
  2. How involved you would like to be in the creative process,
  3. How much you would like to spend

Event Clients

  • We will develop and present an Initial Proposal tailored to the specific elements of your event.
  • We will work with you to refine the Proposal so you feel sufficiently blown away, thus creating a Final Proposal.
  • Once you have approved a Final Proposal, we will request a deposit to secure your event date.